New shop Posted 1 Nov 2021

New shop

We are so excited to announce that the Open Space online shop has now launched! Please click here to explore some of the artworks and merchandise. More coming soon!

We have spent the last few months connecting with our community of artists, carefully selecting various art pieces, both old and new. Through the online shop, we are excited to continue working with our collective of artists, bringing you a variety of pieces that range in price – depending on what you are looking for.

See below a list of confirmed artists, so far:

Sondos Azzam
Pauline Batista
Ingrid Berthon-Moine
Coco Crampton
Rezzan Hasoglu – Studio Sahil
Nia Hefe
Henry Hussey
Radhika Khimji
Will Martin
Goia Mujalli
Inês Neto dos Santos
Nora Silva
Ara Starck
Laura Wilson
Caroline Wong
Holly Stevenson