Introduction: Recovery Through Kinship

Metamorphosis occupied our theoretical trajectory for 2021: similar to Metamorphosis – the biological process of an animal physically developing, involving a conspicuous and abrupt change in the animal’s body structure through cell growth – we have been on the cusp of change with an unforeseen future.

Like an organism, Open Space went through transformation and change, adapting to the realities of physical projects being put on hold/canceled. Instead, Open Space adapted to the global climate and advocated discussions, dialogues, and responses to Metamorphosis and posthuman Metamorphosis through its Writing Space, Forum (curated by Caterina Avateneo), Online workshops (UN/LEARNING SPACE) as well as through pedagogical, non-pedagogical talks.

In the post-Capitalocene world, with recent drastic changes around the ecosystem and climate change, we have been forced to look at the world differently in search of kinship instead of individuality. For 2022 we will continue to highlight the work of emerging voices and create dialogues by focusing on the importance of Recovery Through Kinship.

We will be commissioning new body of works by multidisciplinary art practitioners whilst working on meaningful projects focusing on self-care and recovery.