Coastal Myths

On Illness and Time by Pauline Batista


Transient Roots

28 April - 26 May 2022

Tell-tale Heart, Magic Wafers and Young Love by Elaine Tam


1 February - 25 February 2022

Introduction: Recovery Through Kinship

Mr. Cook by Eleni Tomadaki


Is this a Pigeon Fish ?

Let it burn…

Clubhouse Capitalism: Memes in the age of immaterial reproduction

Anne Shaw – A Story By Andrew Price

Panel discussion: Questioning the workspace for the future

28 April 2021

Offshoring V.1.0 – A user manual for literary transformations by Claudia Contu

Forum 2021


Worth a Thousand Words: Part II with Call You in the Morning

Art Writing and Social Media with Aimee Dawson

Strategies for Knowledge Sharing – a Workshop about Workshops with Inês Neto dos Santos

Virtual representations: Performance practice online with Louise O’Kelly

Unlearned Workshop with Guts Gallery & Jen O’Farrell

Altered Pillows for Insomniacs with Ceyda Oskay

Artist Portfolio Workshop with Ergin Çavuşoğlu

How to Price Your Artwork with Hannah Watson

Award Application Workshop with Fatoş Üstek

Inner Critic and Negative Emotions with Dr. Irem Günay

Building a Support System for Artists with Bosse & Baum

Brand not Bland with Need Thinking

Conquering Creative Blocks with Esma Kırım

Un/Learning Space

Introduction to Podcasting with Between Two Curators

Cover Letter Workshop with Fatoş Üstek

8 April 2021

now, always, more by Grace Tucker

Writing Space 2021 Introduction


Jour fixe by Kosmas Nikolaou

A Dystopian Comic by Bora Akinciturk

A letter to quietness and reflection by Riet Timmerman

My Mother’s Cookbooks by Francesca Gavin

in the Marl walled court of the Fairyqueen by Laura Ní Fhlaibhín

Collective recipes from a Venetian kitchen by Irene Machetti

I Have Eaten It: Communal meal

Three Card Spread by Byzantia Harlow

Il Pranzo della Domenica by Lemonot

Rethinking the work space

A Spell for Protection by Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf

Everything in its place by Lucia Veronesi

Lou Sidley, A Story by Andrew Price

An Ode to Ice Cream by Tasha Marks

Joshua Leon – To say something when there is so little to say

I Have Eaten It: Communal meal

A (re)forester’s guide by Borbála Soós

Ritual Ruins by Michel Scherer

Last night I dreamt I was a shoe by Teal Griffin

Residue Menu by Ingrid Berthon-Moine

Orpheus Dispersed by Anna Souter

Kitchen’s Hell by Louise Ashcroft

Nanna’s house by Zoë Wilkinson

Quarantine Drawings by Antonio Riello

Beans lay flat by Inês Neto dos Santos

SALSA by Nora Silva

Colourful recipes with a can of sardines by Basim Magdy

What Remains by Artun Özgüner

Planets should never zoom towards you by Aubree Penney

Cooking for my Collaborators by Laura Wilson

The freedom of derailment by Louise Ashcroft

Sourdough is for life (a love letter) by Inês Neto dos Santos



Sharing in isolation by Huma Kabakci

A letter to the bored by Riet Timmerman

Edward C. Ball – Downriver

Himali Singh Soin

Edible Goods: I Have Eaten It

It’s the er it’s the aspect of the words appearing on the screen by Patrick Coyle

Collapsing Backwards: Of Forgetfulness in Crisis by Nat Muller

There is not enough space to save this document by Eva Vaslamatzi

Silent dissidence: artefacts as other space by Artun Özgüner