now, always, more by Grace Tucker

Drawing on the ‘meta’ prefix of the theme of Metamorphosis, meaning ‘after’ in Greek, this piece plays on ‘post’ (post-genre, post-war, post-truth, post-internet, etc.) to explore the transcendent quality of eschewing the distinctions between art and literature. By blending textual genres and languages, this piece considers the material ‘body’ of text beyond genre, finality and meaning; it is neither to be simply read nor looked at, but something in between. In this interstice between visual and textual art, now, always, more is a poem about love, an image about change, and an idea that brings the two into dialogue.

Grace Tucker (1995; she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who explores the relationship between space and text to examine our relationship with traditional forms of expression and creation as well as questions of proximity and distance. In her questioning of binary modes of thought and being, Grace’s work seeks to trouble taught ideas of human and non-human relationships and poetic models. None of Grace’s work is to be taken seriously, and none of Grace’s work is serious. At the moment, Grace is working on an exhibition that incorporates poetry, space and the involvement of the visitor. Recently, Grace has written for Silent Auctions Magazine, Sauer Zine, In Looking Out and has an upcoming piece in Fragmented Voices.

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