We support emerging creative practices and promote dialogue in the arts through an annual programme of projects in unexpected spaces.

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1 February - 25 February 2022

Altered Pillows for Insomniacs with Ceyda Oskay

Introduction: Recovery Through Kinship

Beans lay flat by Inês Neto dos Santos

now, always, more by Grace Tucker

Three Card Spread by Byzantia Harlow

From the shop

A Beautiful Pair (Narcissus and Siggy)

After Decameron Book

Raju Rage: Recipes for Resistance, 2020

Lauren Godfrey: Scallops Three Ways, 2014

Carles Harrison Cornflake Boxes, 2020

Test product

Sondos Azzam, Nāranga, 2021

Spediastrum Simplex, 2021

Flying Cashews, 2021

Porcelain chain 2, 2020

Deathbed, 2018

Up and Down, 2021

Flying Cashews, 2021