We support emerging creative practices and promote dialogue in the arts through an annual programme of projects in unexpected spaces.

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Forum 2021

April - May 2021

Available by mail.
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Open Space presents a new Mail-Art commission with artists Rory Pilgrim and Giuliana Rosso curated by Caterina Avataneo! But I doubt, I tremble,I see (shaking edges and) the wild thorn tree brings together the work of Rory Pilgrim and Giuliana Rosso, but also the lives of Liam Neupert, Declan, Piper, Erikk, Jared and some fictional characters. They constitute different subjectivities, ages and agencies but all share a state of crisis, and the impulse for rebellion and change. With their exposed passions, internal conflicts and unstable being, they suggest that vulnerability is key for an empathic understanding of the world. They are geared to really doubt – to tremble – and thus to see. The power they care about is not controlling the future, but overwriting the past to shake off a very final end. Their present is of struggle, relational rather than exploitative, transformative rather than calcified and that’s where, as in nature and in history, renewal germinates. They can give new edges to old forms… This Mail-Art Commission is a prelude of the dialogues opened through the exchange between the two artists, and the main protagonists of their work. Every element of the commission functions as a proposition of exchange, an invite to listen and look at things with different eyes, allowing for intuition, feeling, ambiguity and involvement. You too can participate…

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Digital Programme

Open space is dedicated to supporting emerging creative practices through a series of new digital projects.