Altered Pillows for Insomniacs with Ceyda Oskay

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Un/Learning Space is a newly initiated project by Open Space to support and mentor emerging art creatives. By both learning and unlearning, the workshops that will be available between April-September 2021 will aim to question the classical institutional teaching.

UN/LEARNING SPACE: Altered Pillows for Insomniacs – Ceyda Oskay

24 May 2021 (Monday),  6-8 pm

In this workshop, participants will be guided through a series of drawing and surrealist exercises aimed at addressing sleep and insomnia. The participants will end up with an altered pillow to aid them to sleep. Participants will be sketching alongside sipping camomile tea.

A care package of lavender sachets and camomile tea (actual dried flowers) will be sent to all those attending, so please don’t forget to email your home address to!

For this workshop, participants will need the following:

– Water-absorbing thick sketching/watercolor paper

– Pencil, eraser

– Drawing tools that bleed with water (can be felt tip pens, special sketch pencils that turn to watercolors when water is added, ink pens, etc…)- at least 2-3 colors.

– Two cups of water (one to wash brushes in, the other to add water to sketches)

– Brushes or cotton buds

– A pillowcase that can be marked with permanent marker (color of the pillowcase should be lighter than the markers)

– Permanent Markers or Fabric Pens

Note: While these workshops are free we do rely on donations in order to support our workshop leaders financially.

Ceyda Oskay is an artist, humanitarian consultant, fashion and textiles designer. Her work, spanning various media and locations, is often experimental, and about migration and location.

Much of Ceyda’s practice revolves around how we are transformed through travel, interactions, speech, chance encounters, dialogues, meeting, exposure, conversation, and clothes.



Open space is an itinerant organisation that supports emerging creative practice, promoting dialogue in the arts through an annually recurring programme of dynamic projects in unexpected spaces. 

This event’s capacity is for 20 participants and the suggested donation is £12.