Forum 2021

But I doubt, I tremble, I see (shaking edges and) the wild thorn tree

April – June 2021

A project by: Open Space (London) & Pina (Vienna)

Supported by: Q. International

Open Space and Pina are pleased to present a project by Rory Pilgrim and Giuliana Rosso, unfolding through a special mail-art commission available via Open Space in April 2021 and a subsequent show at Pina (Vienna), opening in May 2021. Curated by Caterina Avataneo. 

Creating parallels between puberty, history and wilderness – all of dynamic character – the project proposes to look at transformative, chaotic, conflictual and emotional existence as a moment of (re)discovery of the world. Teenage becomes a point of access to frictional states; a way to consider their generative empathic potential for establishing new ways to be in the world at the end of History, as understood by western modernity. 

Please subscribe HERE for receiving the mail-art commission, with contributions by: Liam Neupert, Rory Pilgrim and Giuliana Rosso. The project is free and available as an Edition of 100. Subscribers are kindly asked to cover a postage fee of £5 + (depending on location).

Please take a look at our 10 Minute Interviews with both artists:

Rory Pilgrim

Giuliana Rosso

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Images: Mail Art Commission, taken by Aivaras Simonis

Install Images ofRory Pilgrim &Giuliana Rosso:But I doubt, I tremble, I see (shaking edges and) the wild thorn tree, at Pina, Vienna