Kitchen Takeover

During these uncertain times where we are trying to adapt to the new circumstances of living through a pandemic, the notion of ‘Open Space’ and what it actually means when we are all in confined spaces becomes pertinent.  For creatives and freelancers, like many of us, this will be a particularly challenging time, with jobs being cancelled and/or postponed indefinitely without a safety net being provided. We are all adjusting in our permanent or temporary homes. Especially for those self-isolating without family, we are having to create new routines but this also means that we have the chance to explore and discover new things. This is a period of adaptation. It is challenging and distressing but at the same time it helps us to reflect, listen to ourselves and prioritise. This too shall pass and we will again find a new balance.

Until then, Open Space is dedicated to supporting emerging creative practices through a series of new projects on a digital platform. We have introduced three new initiatives on our website and social media as an addition to our existing Writing Space. Kitchen Takeover will occur both on Open Space’s Instagram and website offering a platform for creatives invited to share their kitchen secrets with our growing online community, from recipes to drawings, musings or performances.  We see this project not merely as a platform to present recipes, but to explore the domestic kitchen space through issues around sustainability, food production systems, hierarchy, excess and the lack of food (especially in times of panic buying). Kitchen Takeover is a social, domestic, somewhat political and experimental space. 

Kitchen Takeover takes place every weekend on our Instagram @openspacecontemporary, with outcomes published on our website.

© Courtesy of Inês Neto dos Santos at Villa Lena residency, photo by Lottie Hampson