Building a Support System for Artists with Bosse & Baum

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Un/Learning Space is a newly initiated project by Open Space to support and mentor emerging art creatives. By both learning and unlearning, the workshops that will be available between April-September 2021 will aim to question the classical institutional teaching.

UN/LEARNING SPACE: Alex Warder MacEwen & Lana Churchill (Bosse & Baum)

26 April 2021 (Monday) 6-8 pm

In this personal and interactive workshop the founding directors of Bosse & Baum, Alex Warder MacEwen & Lana Churchill will discuss how to build a practical and psychological support system for an artist, post graduation. The workshop will touch on how to keep focused at making work and developing your practice in a commercially – motivated city and will emphasise the importance of moving in a direction which improves your work and doesn’t rely on commercial galleries.

The workshop will be split into two sections:

In part 1 Alex and Lana will discuss practical considerations: pricing artwork, commissions, consignment agreements, representation and other important features of an artist, such as gallerist relationships.

Part two is aimed at providing insights into the psychological mindset and more motivational side needed as an artist, and will look at how to keep focused at making work and developing your practice in a commercial and competitive world.

Note: While these workshops are free we do rely on donations in order to support our workshop leaders financially.

Bosse & Baum was founded in 2014 by Alexandra Warder and Lana Churchill. The gallery occupies a 700 sq. ft.unit in the post-industrial Bussey Building, in Peckham, South East London, and is expanding into online spaces. The commercial gallery that seeks an active role in shaping art discourse by giving a platform to contemporary positions, represents an international roster of emerging artists whose work challenges dominant historical narratives and is socially engaged. Bosse & Baum works to facilitate broader social access to art and contribute to the wider critical conversation on contemporary art through a public programme of exhibitions, talks and performances.

Lana Churchill

Director, Bosse & Baum

Lana Churchill is the co-founder and director of Bosse & Baum. Prior to this she worked in several contemporary art galleries in London, at Contemporary Art Society and Calvert 22 Foundation. She graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London with a BA in History of Art and an MA in Curating the Art Museum in 2011.

Alexandra Warder

Director, Bosse & Baum

Alexandra Warder is the co-founder and director of Bosse & Baum. Prior to this, she worked at a number of major London galleries including White Cube and Marlborough Fine Art. She has a BA degree from the University of Bristol, and a Masters degree from University College, London.

Instagram: @bosse_and_baum


This event’s capacity is for 10 participants and the suggested donation is £18. To book for the event please click here.