Il Pranzo della Domenica by Lemonot

Il Pranzo della Domenica

In the Roman countryside, every week our big wooden table is transformed into a surreal stage-set, populated with extravagant objects, ingredients, prepared dishes and memories. The Sunday lunch in Italy is by definition and ordinary yet exceptionally theatrical performance.Food is not only an allegorical connector amongst the guests of this banquet. The porchetta, thanks to its generous length, becomes a physical place of encounter:  via shredding, grabbing, sharing – hands can finally meet at the centre of the table after months of seclusion, fulfilling the mutual lust for togetherness. 

Lemonot is a design and research platform, founded by Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri in 2016. Fluctuating among London, Bangkok, La Paz and Italy – they investigate architectural production and its implications on other disciplines.

Lemonot operates in between architecture and performative arts – using them as tools to celebrate the spontaneous theatre of everyday life. Spatial production is neither the beginning nor the end of their stories, rather it’s a filtering framework to grasp reality. Hungry observers and compulsive collectors of anthropic mirabilia, they’re interested in all those iconographic gestures enabling the mutual immanence among objects, bodies and rituals. In particular, their work attempts to define peculiar architectural settings for updated gastronomic ceremonies: food preparation and consumption construct a privileged ground to enact symbolic behaviours.