I Have Eaten It Public Screening

16 February

We organised an intimate group gathered in the evening of Wednesday 16 Feb for a film screening of works by both historical and contemporary films by a number of artists also who are a part of this project.

The artists who are included in the programme include: Moza Almatrooshi, Charles Eames, Lauren Godfrey, Hannah Lees, Margaret RaspĂ©, Nora Silva and Laura Wilson. See below a list of the films showcased at the event:

Nora Silva, The Sun and the Drunks, 2021

1 minute 33 seconds

Laura Wilson, The Bakers, 2015

5 minutes 48 seconds

Moza Almatrooshi, The Staff of Life, 2019

5 minutes 21 seconds

Charles and Ray Eames, Bread, 1953

6 minutes 30 seconds

Nora Silva, Your Summer is Colder than my Winter, 2021

4 minutes 23 seconds

Lauren Godfrey, Salad of Beautiful Things, 2013

7 minutes 58 seconds

Margaret Raspé, Schweineschnitzel, 1971

8 minutes

Laura Wilson, To Tend To, 2021

4 minutes

Nora Silva, Flock and the Shepherd, 2022

5 minutes 17 seconds

Hannah Lees, It never felt like a discovery. It just felt like recognition, 2019

3 minutes 05 seconds

Moza Almatrooshi, Journey to Salsabeel, 2019

10 minutes 38 seconds

To accompany the screening we provided beer and popcorn for our guests, to thank them for braving Storm Eunice!