Bread Making Workshop

13 Feb 2022

Memory Foam: A Bread Making Workshop with Sondos Azzam and Laura Wilson

Visual artists Laura Wilson and Sondos Azzam invited guests to join Memory Foam, a bread-making workshop to cook an Irish-Jordanian recipe inspired by the artists’ personal food histories. As a group, we collectively discussed our cultural heritages through the act of preparing, moulding and consuming a meal. This enabled us to explore the various ways food is used in our familial and social communities.

We are grateful to Wildfarmed for donating their flour for the workshop. Wildfarmed flour fixes the planet because they farm differently. By putting soil health first and paying farmers properly, they are able to grow tasty, highly nutritious food in a way that heals the planet. All of their products are grown without the use of chemicals in a system that prioritises soil health, increasing soil biodiversity, drawing carbon from the atmosphere and producing nutrient-dense food.

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